Re: 3560 Crystals from eBay

John Clements

I would have to concur with the last few posts.  C10 seems to light to me.  I used up to 470pF for C10 (and 270pF for 40M) and even lowered R2 down to a 330 ohm 1/2W resistor when playing with an SVXO circuit using my crystals.  Of course my schematic is a little different as a PZT2222 transistor is used and tap the output off the emitter area instead of the base.

I'd love to be sitting at the bench tweaking that part of the circuit. Unfortunately I'm down state this weekend with some family care taking.  Maybe later next week when I get back and catch my breath I'll build up the osc circuit and play around.

Does anyone know the specs of the xtal that comes with the cricket or the source?  Would be interesting to put them on my crystal impedance meter and compare them with mine.

72 John kc9on (3rdPlanetSolar).

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