A quick reminder

Wayne Dillon

Good morning all,
May I please remind all that the QRPSpots page(www.qrpspots.com/) is there to be used. It is a super tool for announcing your presence on a specific frequency/band, right now I'm thinking of Bayou Jumper of Cricket operators. Announce your presence on QRPSpots! Although we all use e-mail it can be a little cumbersome for quick announcements, QRPSpots is ideal.
When I call the net(s) on a Wednesday evening I have one screen open to my logger (N3FJP AC Log, terrific piece of logging software) and the second screen open on QRPSpots. If, as happened this week, you can hear the net but the NCS is sending a little (or a lot) too fast juts put a quick message on QRPSpopts to say "I can hear you but please QRS" or something similar. It is an extremely useful tool and is there for all to use so please avail yourselves of this super facility. I'll try looking for some Cricket ops this weekends, after local sundown.
Be blessed all and have a grand and safe weekend.
Wayne - NQ0RP

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The Lord lift up his contenance upon you and give you peace.

God Bless from Wayne Dillon - NQ0RP

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