Re: 3560 Crystals from eBay


I don't have a cricket yet (its on order). I put together the oscillator on a test board here to try out some crystals I had. To simulate the load of the final, I used a 10K resistor to ground. I first tried out a number of 3579 crystals of various sizes and could hear all of them in my test receiver and keying sounded good. I then tried a few 3560 crystals of various sizes and could not hear any of the oscillating until I tuned the test receiver down to that frequency.Keying sounded good.  The crystals I used for testing came from a variety of sources including e-bay. 

My plan was to try some different feedback capacitor values if I had some that didn't work, but since they all do I can't. My short test here suggests that other 80 meter rocks should work for the most part. 

73/72 - Mike WA8BXN

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