Case for my Cricket

Jim Sheldon

Hi Gang,
I went to Home Depot and picked up some Poplar trim wood they have in 4"
X 1/4" X 2' pieces and used that to frame up the inside of the box a
bit. The one I saw in Branson had the Cricket right up on the front edge
so he had to inlet the cover to clear the earphone jack and part of the
key knob. Using some of the 1/4" thick Poplar, I set a shelf back by
1/4" from the front of the box and cut it the exact length of the front
of the Cricket's PC board. I mounted another piece flush with the right
side of the Cricket's PC board and rather than glue them, I drilled &
screwed them in place using #2 X 1/2" brass countersunk wood screws. I
removed the stick-on rubber feet from the Cricket and using another
piece of the 1/4" Poplar, made a support that fit flush with the back
edge of the Cricket's PC board. Once I had these made up, I carefully
drilled 1/8" holes right in the 4 corners of the Cricket's PC board just
back of the black border line. For easier measuring, I mounted the back
support to the Cricket (I had to carefully inlet the inner side to clear
the built-in keys rear nut plus some of the soldered bumps for
components along underside of the rear including the battery holder and
BNC connector connections. I actually stole the round head mounting
screws that originally held the handle on the box to mount the cricket
to it's supports and replace those with some nice brass wood screws that
were a little larger in diameter than the originals to make for a better
fit on the handle. There is a compartment on the right side that will
hold my small hand key and extra 9 volt batteries (be sure and put them
in insulated bags so you don't short them out) and another compartment
at the rear of the Cricket that will hold cables and more 9 volt
batteries (Can't never have too many 9 volt batteries with a Cricket -

I haven't stained the box yet, but that comes next - I've posted the
pictures in the 4SQRP "Cricket" group if anyone wants to see just what
I'm talking about.

Jim - W0EB

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