Cricket Chirps but...

Dave Belville

Well, I received my Cricket and carefully assembled it. I will say that they did a great job on this kit. The board is perfect and everything looks great. Anyway, I put a new battery in it, hooked up an antenna and ear buds. Yep, there is sound....but it is a BCB station from Mexico (I think - the broadcast is in Spanish) and it is so loud, I can't hear anything else. I waited until late last night and tried but there were more BCB stations heard. It is totally useless as it is unless I want to listen to a Spanish BCB station. They sound great. Any thoughts or suggestions? Anyone else have issues like this?

I think it transmits fine. My tuner shows power out and I can hear it on another receiver.

Thank you,

Dave, KD9VT

Silvis, IL

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