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David Wilcox

I had the same problem using my straight through G5RV and end fed whar with a unon, but when I passed it through my MFJ 969 tuner it filtered out the BCB signal.  Mine is on 1310 KHz and is only two miles away.  You might have to use some kind of tuner or filter.

Dave K8WPE

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Well, I received my Cricket and carefully assembled it. I will say that they did a great job on this kit. The board is perfect and everything looks great. Anyway, I put a new battery in it, hooked up an antenna and ear buds. Yep, there is sound....but it is a BCB station from Mexico (I think - the broadcast is in Spanish) and it is so loud, I can't hear anything else. I waited until late last night and tried but there were more BCB stations heard. It is totally useless as it is unless I want to listen to a Spanish BCB station. They sound great. Any thoughts or suggestions? Anyone else have issues like this?

I think it transmits fine. My tuner shows power out and I can hear it on another receiver.

Thank you,

Dave, KD9VT

Silvis, IL

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