Re: Cricket musings

Jim Sheldon

Spec for color burst crystals ESR is max 200 ohms but I'd like to know where the supplied crystals came from. That way it would be easier to figure out what their nominal ESR actually is. Sure would help determine if a particular supplier's 3560 crystals are even worth trying.


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Mouser shows # 449-LFXTAL017586BULK
HC-49 case 3.56 MHz for $0.38 each...

also # 449-LFXTAL010041BULK
HC-49 case 3.5625 MHz also $0.38 each

Spec is ESR of 150 ohms - is that the deal breaker?


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First off, thanks Terry for posting the "Cricket Notes" yesterday. They
are all good advice and timely as well. I was searching for a source of
the HC-49/U larger size crystals for 3560

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