Re: A bug deterrent for the garrden



Fine Business post about the designers and the kitters/shippers. I think few folks attending OzarkCon stop and think = WOW!!!!! the volunteers really busted their butts this year and look what it did for me!!!! I’m not criticizing just pointing out that we all enjoy OzarkCon but it wouldn’t happen without the people you listed——THANK YOU. Gals and Guys. The spouses of the kitters you listed aren’t mentioned but I know from personal experience that the kitting I did impacted Patsy KC5CDE as much if not more than it did me. The spouse might actually pitch in and do some of the kitting but others just accept and allow for the time that the process takes out of their life.

Again, THANK YOU!!!!

cu es 72 Bart W0IIT
Pittsburg, KS

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