Re: Piggi #170 - First slice of ham goes to...

Paul Smith

Hello Wayne, The QRN was pretty fierce last night but your PIGGIE was squealing fine in Humboldt. Congrats on the first qso. My pig 158 is still being built...cul de Paul

--- In, Wayne Dillon <wayne.dillon@...> wrote:

Good morning all,
Well Piggy #170 got it's "baptism" last evening in the dying minutes of the
NAQCC sprint. I'd just finished checking the frequency output and switched
in the "Real" antenna. The band seemed to be pretty active when my eyes lit
on the calendar and the details of the NAQCC Sprint, oh, that's why it's so
So, at 02:27z I hear a station calling CQ on the Pig Pen QRG. It was Paul,
N0NBD. So, the first QSO goes to you sir and I gotta tell ya it sounded
pretty sweet to actually have a QSO!

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