Re: 3579 and the Cricket

Richard Dickerson

3578.5 to 3579.5 is the JT9 hot spot but use seems to have declined with longer days. Richard WF2F

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Forgot to mention to those who made comments on a previous message about
"re-taking" 3579 from the digital crowd. That will never happen unless
everyone using 3579 goes QRO as the digi bunch totally ignores any
signals that don't have a real effect on their QSO's as they never
listen to the frequency before they transmit anyway in total disregard
of the rules. Besides if we were to also disregard the rules and
deliberately QRM them, that would also be a flagrant disregard for the
rules and isn't really kosher either as no one person or group "owns" a
frequency regardless of whether or not their rigs are only crystal

I have no reason to not use 3579 when the frequency is clear, but it
will be nice to have 3560 available as well, especially with only .5 to
1 watt out of the Cricket and a "Cricketeer" award to work toward. So
far I have not been able to make any contacts with my Cricket even
though I have been calling CQ for minutes on end in the evenings and
even during the day when testing the mods in the attempt to get 3560
working as well. The only Cricket I've even heard on 3579 has been
Terry, WA0ITP and I had to work him using my K3S turned down to 1 watt
because my Cricket kit had not arrived at that time.

Mine has been on the air daily but with no luck to date. At age 75, I
find it extremely difficult to stay up much past 10 p.m. so the real
late night/early morning sessions are pretty much a bust for me. There
are several Crickets in the area but unbuilt as currently no readily
available 3560 crystals have been found to work and they have listened
to the painful digital racket on 3579 every evening so far.

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