Re: 3579 and the Cricket


I'm not sure the frequency makes much difference.  Tried to work W5USJ about 200 miles north this AM initially using a Rockmite on 3560 ( it doesn't care if crystals are short or long ).  I could hear him because he was using a Topper amp @ 10W but he couldn't hear my 1W.  Strangely, he copied my K2 @ 1W at 319 little later.  We were trying about 1030-1100z.  Earlier, at 0130Z, had QSO using the Cricket on 3579 with KV6Z in OK, about 350 miles north.  He was using a KX3@ 15W and could copy my Cricket fine.  Despite trying early morning and evening, the RBN has yet to hear my weak cries on 80M from either Cricket or RM.  Have yet to achieve 2xCricket QSO.  My antenna is a 140' doublet up 50'.

I think the time and season are critical, after 0200Z is late enough that the D layer has time to weaken enough for QRPp to make it.  In the morning, by the time folks are awake to work QRP, D layer has strengthened again.  As summer progresses this will become worse.  So it's either stay up past 0300Z or wait until the days shorten in October.

Will continue to try in the early morning because late evening doesn't fit my life schedule anymore.  Cricketeer likely not in my future, by fall people will have lost interest.

72, Curt KB5JO

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