Cricket side benefits...


I have been having difficulty logging Cricket QSOs.  Five stations so far toward Cricketeer.

So, since 80M isn't a band have used in many years, put up an 80M dipole for starters. Because the Cricket isn't very happy below about 3575, rebuilt one of my Rockmites for 80M, made one QSO on 3550.  Then, decided to listen with WSPR (new mode for me) to scope out the propagation from here.  The only stations am hearing here from 1200-1400z when VOACAPonline predicted good reults have been in TX and LA.  I will be checking in the evening for the next few days.

Tried listening with JT-9, new mode for me, advertised as good for low power.  Heard no stations on 80M in the morning, but ended up making my first JT-9 QSO on 20M @ 1W with a station in IL.  Not really DX or particularly unusual, work that far with CW on 1/2-1W routinely.  Still, something new is always interesting and I much prefer JT-9 to PSK31.

The Cricket got me to try a new band, new antenna, and two new modes.  I am already planning another antenna, the Rombic/Loop FD antenna in QST this month.   Need to figure out how to switch modes from the shack.

72, Curt KB5JO

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