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I don’t recall they have any remote input.  They “are supposed” to sense the input level if it is under a nominal 20 watts and do the switching automatically.  I have the 1500 w model and it went back to MFJ for repair.  IMHO it is not a very good unit.  I call it the gambler, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!


One thing I will tell you, hang a 5k carbon resistor from the antenna output to ground to discharge static from your antenna.  A static discharge is the main reason my unit is back to the factory for repairs.  The static from the antenna when through the unit and into my IC7000 and damaged the front end also.   


A 5 K carbon resistor or a large coil to ground is a common discharge for broadcast stations that use a series capacitor to the antenna. 


Jim  W7DAU


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Hi... Does anyone have experience with this tuner?  I plan to use one at my home location for my extra long end fed wire and other experimental wire antennas.  They also sell an Icom remote interface cable which would plug into the back of my IC-703+ plus but it's not clear where the other end goes?  Their on line manual is no help unless I missed it somewhere  Hi Hi. There does not seem to be a input terminal on the tuner for anything but RF in thru an SO239.


Milan K9HDX

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