Re: Tonites nets.

Sam Neal

Hello All,

The XE rag-chewers do make the frequency kinda crowded at times. A move to
another Novice band frequency would stop that problem - but - many of us are
using 7122 crystals which would be a fly in the ointment as far as moving. I
just wanted to drop that in there.

I do have a VFO QRP 40 meter CW rig, but many may not. Just something to

A side note also. I see that Cuba has a Novice type CW only, and apparently
QRP type of license. I have worked three of them on 7122 in the past year or
so. They have distinctive CL ( or CF ? ) call-signs. Their website indicates
they are supposed to work only other Cuban stations, but I have worked three
of them.


Sam Neal N5AF
Celebrating 60 Years In Amateur Radio
Subject: Re: [4sqrp] Tonites nets.

Hello Wayne, Doug and the Group,
The 7.122 freq makes it difficult with the SSB so close for myself also. 
When it is strong I'm not able to hear much else.  Freq change away from that
would be great for me.That is my two cents for what it is worth.

From: "Wayne Dillon [4sqrp]"
To: Doug Reid <>; ""
Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2017 9:24 AM
Subject: Re: [4sqrp] Tonites nets.

  Hi Doug,Yeah, we can move to 7.110 or 7.105, I too am getting a little
tired of fighting the SSB crowd .OK, assuming I can call the net next week
I'll post a few reminders to the group on Tuesday evening and Wednesday
afternoon.Does anyone else have any input on this proposed frequency change?Be
blessedWayne - NQ0RP

On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 7:46 AM, Doug Reid <> wrote:

Hi Wayne ! 
I'm sorry you were not able to host the net last night. Speaking for myself
here in North Carolina, it seems we routinely have to contend with SSB QRM on
the 7.122 frequency.  I was wondering if it might be better to move down to
7.110  or maybe 7.105 ?  I used to be able to check in using my Heathkit
HW-7 and HW-8, but as most of you know, the passband is pretty wide on these
receivers, like the BJ, so it is difficult not to hear SSB signals close in
I will try again next week..72 from NC,
Doug Reid WD4LNW

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