Re: Tonights 80M CW Net

Johnny AC0BQ

Hey Terry 
All we have right now is light rain. 
It's been raining all day. 
I don't know if we're having lightning but I will look at the lightning site and see.
I think you right, 80 will be noisy.
Cu next week 
Johnny AC0BQ

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, WA0ITP wrote:

I have a forecast of Boomers and a 90% chance of precipitation. Looking at the
radar it also appears that the edge of the boomer will stay close. Additionally
the huge number of storms along the front will probably make 80M nearly
impossible to use tonight. It's been raining here last night and all day long.

Sooo, I'm going to wimp out tonight and cancel the 8P net. No sense trying if
we can't hear each other anyway. Sri, but it seems the prudent thing to do. cu
next week.

Hope our friends in the Augusta, KS area are safe and secure tonight. Is anyone
else out there experiencing ice tonight? Johnny, how is it in Lebo?

I love this radio stuff !

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