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Do you have a local hardware store?  They should carry something that would work.

Double stick tape and any plastic material like the lid off a coffee can or some other food item.  The plastic would be easy to cut with sissors.

72,  jeff K9JP 

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Tnx to all for the responses for stick on feet. I had not thought of the big box stores. Although the nearest Home Depot/Lowes/ect is 75 miles from here. Humboldt Ks is about 100 miles from any where. tnx de Paul N0NBD

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Thanks for the responses good to see urprint. I think I have 4 located thanks de Paul N0NBD

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I was glad to read the Cricket operators today. I was wondering if my email was broke. I guess it has been the summer doldrums although summer is not here yet. I have been pounding out SKCC contacts on 40 meters and my Blue Racer bug. It has been fun! 

I am in need of 4 stick on feet for a old MFJ tuner, The feet on it have melted/ rotted and are sticky. I found some feet on Amazon but I really dont want to order a hundred. If anyone has 4 and would sell them let me know. I can pay for them and postage.


de Paul N0NBD

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