Change is not always good, but it is inevitable!


In regards to the move to 4sqrp@..., change may not always be good, but it is inevitable. In most cases even if it is not successful, something good will come out of it.

As we get older, it becomes increasingly harder to accept change. Amateur Radio is at the cutting edge of technology and it's changing and evolving every single day.

You don't like change, OK let's trade these transistorized rice boxes in and go back to spark gap and smoke signals. Hi Hi Don't stop there let's go all the way back to where we had to chase and kill our food rather ride down to the local grocery.......Hi Hi

Ok fellows, let's make the change to this new group and get on about the business of Ham radio. Change is what ham radio is all about. Don't believe me, see you in "Dayton 2013"

72/73 cul

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