Re: A new Cricket comes to life

Charles W. Powell

I’m pretty sure the contacts are clean.  Might be a voltage issue with the 9V battery too - I had to liberate it from another device.  SWR shouldn’t be a problem into a 50 ohm dummy load.


Charles NK8O

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Make sure you're transmitting into a low SWR too, that sometimes will cause the ST to go berserk.

Jim, W0EB

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Try cleaning the key contacts.
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Preliminary tests show that my cricket, now assembled and ready to go on the air, is working as advertised. One thing (a question): despite having a nice, steady note on transmit, it is typical for the sidetone to chirp like a poorly regulated, underpowered tube type transmitter oscillator? Perhaps the genesis of “Cricket.?” Well, whoop-whoop, I will try it on the air soon enough.


Charles - NK8O


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