Dale Putnam

The 2017 Summer 20M QRP Fox Hunt will start on Thursday, June 29th. Everyone is welcome to participate, and we can still use a few more qualified Foxes.


Each  Thursday there will be two Foxes available-- catch them if you can. It's easy (sometimes) and fun (always) and great training for busting a DX pileup and or handling one if you are the Fox. The Hunts start at 0100Z and run for an hour and a half. All the details can be found at Check out the rules, and bookmark the home page because that's your gateway to the schedule and the results as the season progresses. It's also where you can complete a brief application form if you would like to be a Fox this summer.

The QRP Fox Hunts are also at home on Yahoo Groups at -- that's the main venue for Fox announcements and general chit-chat about the hunts.

The QRP Fox Hunts are also on Facebook: or search for QRP Fox Hunt. Both groups are public, so come on in and join us!

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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