Four State QRP newest kit release

Walter - K5EST

Hello Everyone, the newest kit from 4SQRP is the addition of the add-on accessory board for the Bayou Jumper, called the "Souper Up'per".

The new kit adds a sidetone for transmitting, receiver fine tuning, and the Hi-Per-Mite CW Filter - all on one board for the Bayou Jumper. It is designed by Dave - NA1MH which put many hours in getting the most for your money in an accessory for the Bayou Jumper.

The Soup'er Up'per mounts on the bottom of the Bayou Jumper's circuit board and does not require cutting any traces, and does not require an enclosure. Labels for the front panel of the Bayou Jumper are included.

Just like our other kits, there is a builder's forum listed at the top of the kit page to let builders have access to the questions and answers from other builders.

Please see the webpage for more information and the great price.

Thank you for supporting the kits from 4SQRP which support Ozarkcon, the premiere QRP Conference of the Mid-west.....coming to you April 6-7, 2018 at Branson, Missouri.

72/73....Walter - K5EST

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