FS: Original (White Panel) Bayou Jumper with extras.

Jim Sheldon

Anyone been wanting a Bayou Jumper but didn't think they could build the
kit? I have for sale, my original (White Panel) Bayou Jumper with a few
extras. It has a proven track record and earned me Agent# 006 in the
super secret agent serial number competition with a verified QSO of over
1000 KM (actually over 1000 miles.) The QSO was from Park City to AF4K
(Bry Carling), Sanford, FL, a distance of 1113.3 miles or 1791.6 KM
according to the QRZ website. Had over 30 QSO's with this one and the
latest was on May 22, with AA2VG/4, Peter Delucca, who was using his
Bayou Jumper while on vacation on Fripp Island, SC. I don't have exact
mileage figures on that one, but it was over 1000 miles.

The extras are - a perfectly working Beta version of the Dave Martin
(NA1MH) Soup'er Up'er board, the production kit of which just went live
on the 4SQRP.com website. This doesn't just soup up the BJ, it makes a
pretty "super" radio out of it. See the 4SQRP.com website for details
on that one. Also included will be a QRP Guys absorption SWR indicator
(similar to the one in the 4S Tuner except this uses only 1 LED) and
it's installed in a finished "small" Hobby Lobby wood box that has a
crystal holder in the lid. Included will be the two original crystals
for 7.030 and 7.122 MHz but these have been installed in FT-243 crystal
holders. I have also installed a Bourns "Knob Pot" 10 turn tuning pot that has a digital turns counter built in. Between the 10 turn pot and
the Soup'er Up'er's fine tuning control, tuning in signals is really
easy and the sharp (200Hz) audio filter, it makes the radio really
pleasant to operate. The only drawback is the built in hand key --
using an external key is a much better idea but if you are going to use
a keyer with it, make sure you either build an external high current
keying adapter or use a keyer that has relay output. The BJ draws the
better part of an amp through the key jack during transmit and most
solid state keyers today can't handle that much current. The schematic
of an easily built and inexpensive adapter will be included as will
printed copies of the actual manuals I used to build the BJ and to build
& install the Soup'er Up'er board as well as the build sheets on the QRP
Guys SWR indicator.

Tech specs on this radio are as follows:
Frequency Range 6.995-7.143 MHz
Receiver Sensitivity (measured) -122 dBm (.178 microvolt for a signal
strong enough to copy if there isn't too much atmospheric noise)
Transmitter power output (Measured) 4.70 watts with a supply voltage of
11.9 volts (My 9 amp hour battery hasn't been charged in weeks).
With a fresh battery (measured 12.92 volts) output was 5.01 watts into a
50 ohm dummy load.

Those are the details - see attached pictures -- now for the bad? news -
I'm asking $145 for the entire package and that includes shipping
anywhere in the United State. I'd rather not ship it overseas due to
the hassles I have run into with Customs and the extremely high price of
overseas package shipping.

I'll take PayPal (add 3 percent or send it "Friends & Family) preferred
but will take a USPS money order if you prefer not to use PayPal.

Anyone interested or needing to ask questions please contact me off the
list - w0eb@cox.net First "I'll take it" (by date/time on the email)
gets right of first refusal. Once a deal is made, I ship same day the
funds are received unless that happens to be via PayPal on a Sunday,
holiday or during non-business hours at the Post Office.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB
2029 East Evanston St
Park City, KS 67219

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