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What kinda of laptop, specifically, are you looking at? The term "netbook" has been laid to rest since tablets pretty much filled that portable niche for computing.

If you're talking about a Chromebook, just know that Chromebooks are meant to be almost entirely web-only. If what you do on a computer only happens in a web browser, then you could get by with that. Personally, I would not enjoy having a Chromebook as my only go-to. They tend to be slower than similarly priced laptops. (Yes, you can get Windows laptops for $300 at placed like Frys and MicroCenter.)
Also, if you're on the web enough to consider a Chromebook, you might consider an iPad instead. If you're in/out of the hospital a bunch, the iPad is a cinch to drop in a bag and go. They're lighter than a Chromebook and just as intuitive. They are more expensive, but they're more convenient and faster. They're also less prone to getting a bunch of crapware installed on it than a "normal" laptop.

Most devices now have wifi built in, I'd be surprised if whatever you're eyeing doesn't have it - so, no, you shouldn't need a USB wireless adapter. (And one for send and one for receive?! Haha, no no, they're all transceivers!)
Are you looking at buying from a "big box" store like Best Buy or Microcenter or something? (There's a Microcenter in NW Philly if you ever get down that way. They usually have very good prices and you can see several models before you settle on anything.)

Hope that helps!
Tommy, N5DUX

On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 10:53 PM, beargyrils@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

I'm thinking of putting out $299.00 for on of those net books.
Some guy told me I still need a Flash drive stick for receive and another one for transmit/
My friends sister paid $155.00
I have several hi speed chips that will film underwater and any one about 500 feet away can pick them up feet away
I had a RC plane that went to 20,000 feet then ran out of fuel so I just used the control to keep it in site then bring it home/
That was on 2.4 GIGS/
Any info appreciated

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