Re: The morning after.

Dennis Gaskill <gaskilld@...>

Yesterday!  I watched the ice build up on my Butternut Vertical and I decided to take it down ( I have had to replace the lower section two times before, because of ice) it's not cheap!
I got a little smarter this time........I just cut the guy lines (50# test fishing line)....unhooked the ground wire and pulled the hole thing out of the ground. Always before I I tried to get on a ladder and remove to top half of the antenna. Not a good thing to try in an ice storm. Mr. obvious smacked some sense into me again.
So! that’s why I didn't check into the 4SQRP PSK net last night
And yes! tis a beautiful Morning.
Dennis KC0IFQ

Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 9:38 AM
Subject: [4sqrp] The morning after.


GM All:  what a beautiful bright sun shineing morning, tnx to the good lord the ice is melting
trees are returningt to normal and it is just beautiful.  We escaped the damage and again thank
you lord for watching over us. Dick,  N0TGR

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