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That's why we put the 200 foot crankup tower near the telescope. We knew we would get lightning strikes.
That mountain top was a scary place during a thunder storm.
And all the power wiring on the mountain tops was underground. We got high induced currents.
Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa.
"Real Radios Glow In The Dark"

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I've always heard the opposite, encourage lightning to flow elsewhere,
since lightning jumps through miles of air an excellent insulator there
is not much you can go to stop it except to make somewhere else more
attractive hence lightning rods.

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> I always tell people NOT to provide a path for lightning to flow.
> Your posting supports that, thank you Bob.
> Ron wb1hga
> BTW:
> I won’t be on tonight as I hoped. I run a
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> In the 1980's I worked at the University of Arizona in Tucson. I
> worked on telescopes on Kitt Peak and Mt. Lemmon.
> Lightning was a major problem. If you Google Kitt Peak (KPNO) you can
> see photos of the lightning.
> I received funding from the National Science Foundation and NASA to
> find solutions to the lightning problem.
> We found the best solution was disconnect the incoming power INCLUDING
> THE GROUND at the entrance to the buildings. Then we disconnected all
> the electronic systems by pulling the power plugs out of the wall. We
> had jumper cables connecting all the incoming phone lines. We
> disconnected them.
> We also used semiconductor devices know as TRANSORBS and gas discharge
> protection devices on all the power lines in the building.
> At Mt Lemmon the telescope was in a low building. We installed a 200
> foot crankup tower near the telescope. There is what is known as "THE
> CONE OF PROTECTION". We knew we were going to get lightning hits so we
> tried to control where they were.
> Lightning is totally unpredictable other than the mountain tops will
> get hit.
> Bob Macklin
> Seattle, Wa.
> "Real Radios Glow In The Dark"
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> Hi Paul !
> I wish I could get on the 40m net tonight, but I took a direct hit
> in a lightning storm a few nights ago. It burned up my unun,
> coax, and blew the coax out of its PL259 on back of the tuner. My
> rig was disconnected, as always, but it also wrecked the wiring in
> my test bench.
> Good luck this evening.
> WD4LNW Doug Reid, Thomasville, NC SKCC 11969T
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> Hello All,
> Wayne will not be able to call the 40 meter net tonight. I will
> give it a go for him. My old note stuck up here says 730 local. Is
> that correct? If not please let me know. If there any SKCC
> Centurians, Tribunes or Senators out there let fly your number. I
> am only 6 out from having my Tribune.
> CU tonight on 7122 we can go later if it would work better. let me
> know de Paul N0NBD
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Cecil - k5nwa

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