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LARRY MAKOSKI <w2lj@...>

Thanks Terry and all the guys at Four State QRP. Got my order in, and if you don't mind - will mention this on the blog tonight.

73 de Larry W2LJ

On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 10:54 AM EDT WA0ITP wrote:

>Four State is pleased to introduce a new kit, the NMØS 4S-Link Digital
>Interface. It was the Build Session kit at OzarkCon last weekend and is now
>available for everyone. It is priced at only $40 for US orders, and may be
>ordered on this page.
>The 4S-Link, pronounced "Force Link", is an easy to build, low parts count
>interface that connects your computer to the digital radio world. With proper
>software all sound card digital modes can be employed. Attaching the 4S-Link to
>your computer is as easy as plugging into your sound card, a serial port or
>adapter is NOT required.
>A major feature is compatibility with Smart Phones, Tablets, and other devices
>that can run a digital mode app. All that's neccessary is for you to make the
>proper connections to your device's audio jacks. The 4S-Link has been designed
>to accept the output of those devices.
>The connections are clearly silkscreened on the exterior of the enclosure, so
>there is no guessing which cable goes where. An attractive, enclosure is
>included. It's easy to assemble and looks great, see the photopage for details.
>ALL parts are included, jacks, knobs, enclosure, transformers, everything.
>This is a complete kit.
>Thank you for supporting the Four State QRP Group, all proceeds go to fund
>I love this radio stuff !

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