Manuals for my ultrasound kits, RX1 and RX3 are now in manual form on my website catalog store.

Phil Anderson <w0xiphil@...>

Hey All, 

If you are interested in ultrasound reception for hunting down power line noise and/or listening to BATS and BUGs of all kinds, I"ve stopped producing the kit - ran out of PCBs - so have published a book including the manuals for the RX1, RX3 and Parabolic dish. 

If interested, go to and click on the catalog section - far right - The full manuals for the RX!, RX3 and Parabolic dish antenna are published there in box form. 

73.........have a super Field Day........I'm running a CW station for our local club, W0UK.....
Lawrence, KS, Douglas County.......hope to add you to the log    :)


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