Re: The morning after.

Jim Sheldon

My Tri-Bander wouldn't move yesterday - the rotor was encased in a block of ice, but this morning after the sun shone on it for a couple of hours, I shook it by rapidly changing the direction and heard all the ice crack off of it.  Ice fell on the roof of my covered deck with a loud noise and now the antenna moves again - LOL.
On the way back from our Thursday ham breakfast in Wichita, I noticed some really pretty views of the ice on the trees.  Made it home and back with my camera.  Just barely made it back in time to catch the sun angle, but it got too high very quickly.   I've downloaded the pix to the computer, but haven't had a chance to check them yet.  Hope I got at least a couple of noteworthy ones anyway.
Sure was pretty and fortunately no damage at my QTH or on my street either.  I didn't take my Butternut down and went out this morning with a rubber mallet.  After the sun was on it for a while, I whanged the mounting pipe with the mallet and ran for cover from the falling ice!
Jim - W0EB

> Yesterday!  I watched the ice build up on my
> Butternut Vertical and I decided to take it down ( I have had to
> replace the lower section two times before, because of ice) it's
> not cheap! I got a little smarter this time........I just cut
> the guy lines (50# test fishing line)....unhooked the ground wire
> and pulled the hole thing out of the ground. Always before I I
> tried to get on a ladder and remove to top half of the antenna. Not
> a good thing to try in an ice storm. Mr. obvious smacked some sense
> into me again. So! that's why I didn't check into the 4SQRP PSK net
> last night And yes! tis a beautiful Morning.   Dennis KC0IFQ  

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