Re: "Jayhawker" first QSO


* On 2017 29 Jun 21:57 -0500, 'Jim Sheldon' [4sqrp] wrote:
Well guys, the "Jayhawker" has now officially been re-christened the
"Chickenhawker" Paraset. Thanks again Nate for the super idea. I wish I'd
have thought of that one in the first place as I never went to KU and felt a
little guilty using even a truncated version of their logo. This one is
much better and making the new label was a breeze. All I had to do is swap
out the picture and re-do the identifying text. Oh and I DID put a
chickenhead knob on the volume control to make it official.

Here's a picture of the newly renamed "Chickenhawker" Paraset Serial#
Nicely done, Jim.


72, Nate


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