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David Wilcox K8WPE

But, according to others who replied to my original post they won't work on legacy radios like the Argonaut 515 and the like.  Also historically their rates were extremely high.

Dave K8WPE

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For your information ten Tec service is still open for business 
Ten Tec never did close and will soon be selling radios again
You need go to their website to request a work order for service. They can be contacted by email only for now they explained,

Ron wb1hga

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Am clearing out some old emails and came across this one.  If I haven't replied to you here goes:

Dale Putnam, WC7S, out in Wyoming repairs Ten-Tec Argos.  Mine is on its way to him.

I may be strange but two Argo 515s is better than just one.  I have my original one bought in the 1970's (with some mouse damage that occurred when I sold it to a local farmer/friend.  Chewed the plastic end a little.  Then got in through the sidetone volume adjust hole and ate a few wires.  An easy fix but my newest one is mint throughout, just doesn't work.).

Dave K8WPE

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If you find someone let us all know please, I've got a TenTec that needs some TLC.
Wayne - NQ0RP

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I know this is off topic but does anyone know of a person who will go over my nonfunctioning Argonaut 515? It looks pristine but is rather quiet in the receive and probably needs a thorough going through. It is a recent acquisition but I am not skilled enough to go through it. The current Ten-Tec group does not service legacy rigs like the Argonaut.

Dave K8WPE (Djwilcox01 at aol dot com)

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