July SSS is approaching

John Lonigro

Happy July 4th to all! Hope everyone had a good Field Day last month. I had visitors and was unable to participate this year.

This coming Sunday, July 10th from 7:00-9:00 CDT, is the July edition of the Second Sunday Sprint. That's July 11th from 0000-0200 UTC. Full rules are on the 4SQRP web site, under "on-air activities".

Since there has been some talk of QRP Sideband operation, you might want to check out 7285 and 14285 for any sideband activity. As I said previously, sideband has always been allowed in the SSS. Maybe it would help if everyone listened/called on 14285 at 8:00 and 7285 at 8:15. If no activity after a few minutes, go back to the usual CW watering holes. And please report any SSB attempts, even if you are unsuccessful. Use the comments section of our reporting website (QRPcontest.com) to document your experiences. Remember, unlike Field Day rules, sideband contacts count the same as CW contacts in the SSS. Some of you may have trouble operating sideband because you have forgotten what a mic looks like (hi). As per the rules, you cannot have both a sideband and CW contact with the same person on the same band.


John, AA0VE
4SQRO Contest Coordinator

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