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Sorry for not providing an update in quite some time... I've been really busy jumping through hoops preparing college aid applications for the colleges my daughter Katie was applying for. The it was jumping through hoops to make the IRS reasonably happy followed immediately by preparing for the FDIM Buildathon. I managed to get the Buildathon kits all ready for the event. Unfortunately working VERY late in my hotel room the night before the Buildathon, I managed to wipe out the NEW version of the software with a copy of the OLD software. The micros I used were different so I screwed up big. I did have a prototype kit with a working micro so we used that to check out the kits as they were completed. I had to cut short my FDIM stay to fly home to see Katie's final performance at the Maine All-State Music Festival. See had made the cut a couple of times before but since the festival is the exact same weekend as Dayton, I never got to see her performances. I was determined to see her final one....and I did!

I had to spend a few weeks sorting out all my code issues to get everything working 100%. Then I had to send upgrade packages to everyone who had the kit. After that, I played with FT-243 crystals using the kit and made a batch of videos to post on my YouTube channel. Links to all the videos are on the webpage for the Buildathon kit. If you like playing with crystals, especially those FT-243s, you might want to check out the page and videos.

Link is: http://qrpme.com/?p=product&id=Q17

My latest kit entry on the QRPme website is a starter pack for trying out Manhattan construction techniques. I already sell MeSquares & MePads panels and Sample packs. Monitoring the list lately, I picked up on the fact that many QRPers have lost their source of parts with the closing of all those Radio Shacks stores. To make it easier to try the very popular construction technique out, I have created a new package which contains the not only the Manhattan pads but the components and documentation to build some easy projects. Everything you need except the SUPER glue (non-mailable) and the time to play at your bench. I call it my Independence Day (independence from circuit boards) special. We will be building these items at Lobstercon this weekend so I will post pictures and documentation when I get back next week.

Link is: http://qrpme.com/?p=product&id=SD1

I'm packing up the Lobstercon trailer and the Hambulance now and will be heading off to Lobstercon later this evening. Intenet connections are sketchy in the campground but I am working on setting up a hotspot and possibly even stream some live video. Stay tuned!

Rex  W1REX

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