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The MFJ 9200 series comes with plug in band cards...80,40,30,20,17,15 M bands...5W output depending on input voltage...

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Howdy 4SQRP,

I am looking for suggestions on a QRP rig. I had a Mountain Topper, which I liked. Problem was these eyes had problem seeing display. I would like a rig where display is easily seen. I have a Yaesu FT-817ND which I can easily see. However, I would like a smaller rig to throw in back pack. My main bands of interest are 40, 30 and 20. I thought of the MFJs with the frequencies on the case. But those are single banders. I do not want to pack 3 different radios. Any suggestion(s) would be appreciated. I am looking at you tube videos on different radios. However, advice from actual users is nice. 

                                               Thank You Very Much.                         Jim NV9X


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