Re: Seeking Suggestions For QRP Rig


Sounds like a youkits HB1B is what you want - it is the big brother to the Ten Tec.  R4020 and.  R4030 units - with 20-30-40 plus 15 (and 17) meters, memories, great break-in, and a nifty built-in keyer (though I prefer a straight key) -they have a nice general 5.9-22mc coverage receiver, and good battery life..... And a really big plus is the variable 400-3000hz filter, not that it is needed much with current band conditions --- at $270 it is not bad, and available thru Vibroplex or eBay - it is ever usable on Field Day :)

They also have an even smaller unit, the EK1C, that is just 20,30,40 that is big enough to hold a 18650 battery pack inside the case - for $189.....

Both are a pleasure to use.....

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