Re: LC meter E-bay power source

George H. Gates

I have a bunch of them here. Thanks everyone for your responce. Geo/W2BPI

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For mine I used a cell phone charging unit. It was 5.1 volts DC
and it seems to power it fine. The L/C unit calls for 5.0 Volts DC.

I cut the end off of the charger and installed the 2.1 x 5.5 connector.
Of course, watch the polarity for the plug.



1:03 PM, Todd F. Carney / K7TFC wrote:

Any AC/USB plug-in will work fine. This is the kind that has no
cord--you just plug a standard USB cable in. I have them in several
strategic locations around the house. They seem to be everywhere these
days, and pretty cheap.


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Connected it to my computer with a USB cable. Seem to work OK. I
don't really want to have to hook it to my computer. Wondering
what you guys use to power it. Would it be safe to use a wallwart
charger thet has the proper connecter on it. Has anyone made a
template that can be used to lay out the holes to put it in a
enclosure? Tnx George/W2BPI

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