Re: Cricket problem(s) solved?

Wayne Steury

Hello, Cricket people!

Through the comments of several I made some modifications to my Cricket.� I changed C9 to 180p and C10 to 470p.� Then I paralleled R1 with another 100K making 50K and paralleled R2 with a 1K to make .6K

It works with all crystals from KC9ON but lower power.� The best was my 3550 crystal that gives me about 400 milliwatts. Maybe these crystals vary. What do others say?� Using my old 3.579 I now seem to get 1 watt on my MFJ-971 tuner.� I have made several� QSOs on 3550.� It shows about the same db on reverse beacon.

I am sure interested in technical comments. Nothing seems to get hot with my regular CW and K1EL keyer.

73's Wayne� N9EGT� Berne, IN� See me on

On 7/17/2017 7:21 AM, gregory parker greg.parker13@... [4sqrp] wrote:

The question is do you have to modify the cricket to use 13.8v? To use other crystals? As I have several other crystals from kc9on.

Greg Parker
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