Cricket mods...


Somehow I missed all this previously, N9EGT responding to a question as follows:

"Curt,  Through the comments of several I made some modifications to my Cricket.  I changed C9 to 180p and C10 to 470p.  Then I paralleled R1 with another 100K making 50K and paralleled R2 with a 1K to make .6K"

Doing the same changes, got the sale results.  I am using normal HC49 ( not little ones) for 3535, 3550, 3560.  With 11VDC, get 800 mW with all of them.  With the 3579.545, getting over 1W.  The output transistor doesn't get hot during transmit.  The resistor changes seemed to make the biggest difference.

Going to try 3550 this evening.

72, Curt KB5JO

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