SS40 Receiver

Jim Sheldon

Still looking for just the SS40 or SS40HT receiver either as an unbuilt
kit, built or even a partial kit as long as the PC board is there.
Anyone having one they no longer need or no longer are going to build or
even one that lost some parts along the way and didn't get built, please
contact me off the list - w0eb(at)

I'm working on trying to dope out some of the cheap Chinese DDS
VFO/Signal Generators available on eBay that don't have any
documentation. The SS40 is a real good platform to use for figuring
them out.

I have one SS40HT/SS40TX, but I built it into the "Chickenhawker"
simulated Paraset and I don't want to disassemble that well working rig
for these experiments. I have located and have coming the SS40TX
portion but still need a companion receiver.

Thanks in advance for any help along these lines. Not looking for
freebies. If you have an RX you don't need, let me know what you'd like
to get for it.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB
Park City, KS

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