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I was also impressed enough with that article to vote it as my favorite for the month. 

Reminds me of a few years ago at OzarkCon when I was doing the "in hotel QSO" thing and worked Herb, WR9H, who told me that I had helped him keep a year long string of a QSO every day going.

That impressed me and later that year I got a little streak of my own going that lasted a few months. I'm doing ham stuff every day but sometimes have to remind myself to clear off my desk (at least enough so I can get at my key) and make a QSO or two.

But 23 years is something else. Naturally I had to do log search on K3WWP, and I see we QSO'd in 1999 and in 2010. Maybe I did a tiny bit toward the streak.


Nick, WA5BDU

On 7/19/2017 6:31 AM, Bart Lawson blawson2@... [4sqrp] wrote:

Hi Gang,

The above subject line contains the title of an article appearing in this month’s (August) issue of QST.  The article is about the unbroken “streak” of over 23 years, where John Shannon K3WWP has made at least a single QRP contact using CW EVERY day of those 23 years!  It is an amazing story and it proves without a doubt that QRP works and does so through the good propagation times and the poor propagation times.

John K3WWP tells his story, quite a story it is, of making daily contacts using QRP and CW with homebrew and commercial rigs. I first read of his “streak” back in the late 90’s when his unbroken days of daily contacts was fairly young.  I was newly retired and had just moved into a home with a very limited antenna(BTW, K3WWP’s streak has been maintained using only homebrew wire antennas, some of which are at least partially in his attic) and it inspired me to look into QRP.  I found that there was a very vibrant QRP community and many of the QRPers hung out on the QRPL list server.  They were a bunch of solder melting/brass pounders, I was hooked and was soon melting solder and pounding brass myself:-)

I urge you as members of one of the largest and fastest growing QRP clubs in the world to read of John’s accomplishments in the August issue of QST page 73, I know, it should have been page 72.  If you enjoy the article as much as I did you might want to do as I did by going to and casting your vote for it.  If it becomes the “article of the month” it will be a further indicator of the strength of our QRP community within the ham hobby!

cu es 72 Bart W0IIT
4Sqrp #72
Pittsburg, KS

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