Re: Bayou jumper regen calibration: possible issue or OCD?

Jim, N5IB

Does it in fact start to oscillate at some point? If so where?
50% of travel is not uncommon. Ideally you'd like between 30% and 50%

Which of the suggested steps in the rev A manual have you done so far?

If it's not oscillating at any point of the REGEN control, check the voltages around Q2

BTW - you might want to post on the Bayou Jumper Yahoo group -
many of the experienced builders regularly read that and may see your questions in a more timely manner than here on the general 4SQRP group

Jim, N5IB

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I just built my Bayou Jumper last night and did a receiver calibration this morning. I followed revision a instructions on regen calibration, but found that my regen does not effectively kick in at or around "6" on a scale from 0 to 11.

Is this typical of this rig? Is there anything else I can do or test?

Sorry, first time builder. I did post my videos on Facebook if anyone wants to see for clarification.

Thank you

73 de KD2KUB

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