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Jim Sheldon

It won't really work that way.  You won't get a clean signal to the BJ through the crystal socket.  You will also need to add a buffer between the output of the N3ZI DDS and the BJ to get enough signal to drive it.  I've come to the conclusion (forgot to post the results) that using a DDS with the BJ is not a good idea and that's why I started searching for and built up the SS40 pair into the "Chickenhawker" with a DDS.  The N3ZI will work for that, and the cheap Chinese DDS will work for that as well, but I've withdrawn any recommendations for using one with the Bayou Jumper.

Jim - W0EB

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I'm wondering about the . . . that works somewhat with the Bayou Jumper . . .   comment in this message.   I am about to order one of these N3ZI DDS Kits with the hope of being able to 'use it as a crystal' in my Bayou Jumper transmitter. 

I would like to 'use it as a crystal', by wiring it's output to a FT-243 enclosure, so that I can just plug that into my BJ's crystal socket.  That would allow me to pull it out of the BJ and touch it to my external oscillator to do my receiver spotting.  Were you able to use this N3ZI DDS just plugged into the crystal socket like that?

Jody - K3JZD    

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Hi Terry (and all other interested parties).  I had tried driving the Cricket with a DDS VFO (N3ZI DDS) that works somewhat with the Bayou Jumper but I was driving the Cricket through the crystal input and doing it that way, it did NOT work.  It would transmit okay, but no band noise was heard and the receiver was pretty deaf so I abandoned that research at the time.
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Jim, W0EB

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