4H and Hamfests


Press release from Iowa

In July Dave C came all the way to Ottumwa to do a  SSCPO build session for the local 4H group.  It's great fun to help the kids out with the build.  He was here last year also, I helped, and I heard many positive comments about it from the kids and parents all year.  This year was a great success also, and will provide many nice conversations all year long too.

Yesterday Dave and I ran a 4SQRP table at the Cedar Rapids hamfest.  Didn't sell much but had a great time  seeing and visiting with folks we knew.  Seemed like Dave knew amost  everyone in the place.

Hamfests are great events to advertise the Four State product line, and to feel the pulse of buyer's needs and wants.  Anyone want the kit box and Banner for Joplin, or anywhere else?
I love this radio stuff.

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