Re: SMD soldering aids for small boards

Jim, N5IB

Jim's post reminded me I have some old photos of a few gadgets for SMD work. A couple by me, some from Steve Weber and others. The "famous" one is N4EEE's  "Goofy Lookin' Goose Shaped Surface Mount Holder Downer Doofus"  Google "SMD Doofus" and see what pops up.

I posted them to an Album in the Photos area "SMD soldering aids"

I like Jim's box with the sides.
There are quite a few parts still on the lam in the carpet beneath my work table  :^))  

Jim, N5IB

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Having bought the EZ Keyer IIi SMD kit and also gotten several other
boards with SMD's on them I found that with my fat fingers, I needed a
way to keep the parts from bouncing off the board during construction &
especially something to keep them in place during soldering. In
commercial SMD board population,

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