FS: Yaesu FT-817 (not ND)

Dan Reynolds

I have a Yaesu FT-817, not the ND model in excellent condition that I'm thinking about selling. 

It has the Kranker knob, the BHI DSP module, 500 KHz XTAL filter and the DL-QRP group MIC compressor (does not modify the stock MIC, goes inline). Includes a power cable, what stock antennas I can find, box, manual, etc. No internal battery or charger. Power cable I include will probably have a fuse holder and power poles. 
I also have a USB cable and a USB sound card with a plug on the end for the FT-817 I'll include (PSK, etc...). 

I have used it 99.9% on HF. I think maybe I checked into a local repeater once or twice with it (UHF & VHF). 

I can send pics if you want. I've made received several 1000 miles per watt SSB awards with this rig (before the sunspots died). 

I'm not getting out of ham radio, I purchased a KX3 this year and no longer need the FT-817. 

Price is $450 and we'll split the shipping (I want to insure it for the full value). Or best offer. 

I also have a LDG Z-100 Plus autotuner I would include for a $500 package price. I added internal AA battery holders in it. It will last a year or more on AA batteries. 

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