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Dave, Terry, et al,

“Way Back Machine” indeed:-)  Yes, the TennaDipper was the first kit put out by the club and profit from the sell of them paid for the first ever OzarkCon held in Joplin, MO.  Gene N0MQ sk kitted the TennaDipper for the club and I think that he probably didn’t have anymore detailed manual than was included with the kit.  Any additional info would have been with Steve KD1JV, I would think. The TennaDipper sold like pancakes and was “sort of” a poor man’s antenna analyzer.
I did the 2nd kit also a KD1JV design that he gave to the club to market.  Steve was know as “Melt solder” and his contribution to the 4Sqrp Group was immense by letting us kit some of his brilliant designs. His kit that I kitted was the KD1JV pwr/swr meter with the binary read out using leds.  With those two inexpensive test instruments a person could pretty well set up a station knowing you had a resonant antenna and a rig that was putting out it’s maximum power without damaging the finals. We did our best to make sure every customer got his/her kit up and running, sometimes replacing kits that had been murdered by the new homeberwer:-)  I like to think that the clubs early kits and our willingness to stand behind them helped ignite the new interest in kit building and “melting solder”!

cu es 72 Bart W0IIT
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GM Dave,

Wow, you turned on the wayback machine :o)   I built one, used it a lot, and liked it.  I've searched a bit and the only infoI can find is a manual written by KD1JV (attached). This is probably the one that you have.

This was one of the kits that launched the 4sqrp group, so I'm hoping the founding fathers,  Joe W0MQY, Bart W0IIT, or Dave W0CH might have the  manuals (or set up info) somewhere on their hard drives.

Sri I cant be of more help. 

I love this radio stuff.
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I just found my old 4SQRP TennaDipper and printed out the instructions from the kit archives.  Does anyone have the original instructions for setting up the pots for each band without a freq counter? The instructions I have don't really give any instructions and I vaguely remember the original ones having more detail.  I tried using the cw output checking the minimum and maximum on the fine tune pot but my results are squirrelly.

Thank you.

Dave K8WPE  

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