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Jaimie Hall

Cool. Great to hear your story.

On 13 Aug. 2017 3:58 am, "k9zzp@... [4sqrp]" <4sqrp@...> wrote:

I joined the group last week.  I have been messing around with Ham Radio for only a few years.  I have had an interest in electricity and then electronics since my teens.  The first kit I built was a multimeter.  I can't remember if it was a heathkit or a radio shack, but I used it for years.

I operated a CB radio when you had to have a license to be on the air.  I spent a short time in the late 80's building computers.  

In my last job, a co-worker was a ham.   We talked about "it" at work, and I borrowed a book from him about getting into ham radio. Well, you know the rest.

I like building kits and projects.  I like figuring things out.  When I found a 4sqrp page about a get together at Branson for QRP and people built projects for their radios, I was hooked.  The other thing that did it was my love for trout fishing on the Taneycomo.  

Well, thanks for reading,




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