FS: Yaesu FT-817 (not ND) - price lowered

Dan Reynolds

I have a Yaesu FT-817, not the ND model in excellent condition that I'm wanting to sell. 

It has the Kranker knob, the BHI internal DSP module (SSB), 500 KHz XTAL CW filter and the DL-QRP group MIC compressor (does not modify the stock MIC, goes inline). Includes a power cable, stock microphone, what stock antennas I can find, box, manual, etc. No internal battery or charger. Power cable I include will probably have a fuse holder and power poles. 
I also have a USB cable and a USB sound card with a plug on the end for the FT-817 I'll include (PSK, etc...). 

I have used it 99.9% on HF. I think maybe I checked into a local repeater once or twice with it (UHF & VHF). 

I can send pics if you want. I've made received several 5000+ mile contacts, earning several 1000 miles per watt SSB awards with this rig (before the sunspots died). On a wired (W3EDP) antenna! I'm not getting out of ham radio, I purchased a KX3 this year and no longer need the FT-817. 

Price is $375 and we'll split the shipping (I want to insure it for the full value). Or best offer. I am motivated. Make me an offer.

I also have a LDG Z-100 Plus autotuner I would include for a $435 package price. I added internal AA battery holders in it. It will last a year or more on AA batteries. 

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