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 What capacitors were missing ?
I know there are no tubes in that kit, so missing tubes is just a lot of BS.


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Today I finished assembly of the Ozark Patrol receiver that followed me
home from the Michigan QRP Club picnic. I turned on the power and
nothing popped, cracked, sizzled, or smoked. I was able to receive 10mc
WWV and some 30 meter CW ham signals. I found some broadcast type stuff
too. The radio is pretty touchy and the main tuning is faster than a
speeding bullet. It is like riding a bucking bronco compared to other
radios that are more like riding a pony around the ring at the county fair.

I am going to review the possibility of poor solder joints, misconnected
wiring, etc to make sure something there isn't contributing to the wild
ride. The kit was also missing two caps and all three tubes. I had one
new cap and one old, salvaged cap in my junk boxes to complete the
assembly along with a 6SN7 and a 6C4. That tired old cap might be not up
to it's job. I suspect one of the tubes of being weak or gassy too.
After all of that is addressed I might see what I can do to make the
bronc behave more like the pony. I might mount a reduction drive on the
bandset (main tuning) control to tame the tuning rate and install more
shielding & bracing - but the mechanical stability doesn't seem lacking.
The bandspread feels about right.

I think the kit was well thought out but what do I know. I have only
ever built a couple of other kits and that was a long time ago. At least
it was so simple that even I could do it. Except for those missing caps
and tubes.


Bill KU8H

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