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Bill Cromwell

Hi Dave,

One of the 1 uF electrolytics (either C6 or C13) was missing and the little 4.7 pF C9 was missing. I have brand new 1 uF caps and just used one of those. I used a questionable cap at C9 and subsequently replaced it with a new one when I located that cache. Everything else was in good order. When I replaced C9 the regeneration control started working more smoothly. C12 is the 'gimmick cap' of course and so that wasn't there but not considered missing. I have used a 'gimmick cap' in a couple of other projects for coupling and they are pretty reliable. Just don't try to order from Mouser.

I noticed a place on the manual about having missing parts sent but the parts I needed are not expensive and I already have them so I elected to ignore a request for the parts. I really do have the tubes, too, but that is just the continuation of a joke. Some of us think 'just lot of BS' is an ongoing joke ;) I have posted about the tubes before. I will probably post pictures eventually of the Ozark Patrol posing with it's tube compliment peeking over the panel.

The main tuning - aka bandset - covers a range of 7 MHz from 5 to 12 mc on the higher band in just 180 degrees of shaft rotation. It is no surprise the tuning rate is mach 3. Basically the radio works about as expected. I might revisit the tuning section to see if I can get a couple of ham bands with more comfortable tuning. Even so, I have been copying CW, SSB, and AM transmissions and I will probably connect my computer sound card to see if I can copy any of the digital modes. I can with other regens.

I will be trying the receiver on 80 meters tonight.


Bill KU8H

On 08/19/2017 06:53 PM, davemrtn wrote:
What capacitors were missing ?
I know there are no tubes in that kit, so missing tubes is just a lot of BS.

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