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Bill Cromwell

Hi Dave,

It turns out in addition to the two missing caps that C11, a 560 pF cap that changes the band was defective. I measured *all* of the resistors before installing them. It can be difficult to read the color bands. I wonder what ever happened to the clear colors that used to be on those. There were no bad resistors and my best guesses about the colors turned out correct. I have the means to measure small caps directly but it's not quite as simple as the ohmmeter on a DMM. Missing is surely 'defective' but I have rarely ever had a defective cap. So I skipped that. The low frequency range produced no results at all. I could not hear the detector go in and out of oscillation and no signals. I selected a couple of new caps to place in parallel and arrive close to 560 pF, measured them, and replaced C11 with them. So now I have the higher frequency band working 'nicely' and I have 80 meters on the other band. I listened to it for a while last night and after a couple of minutes it settles down (stops drifting) and is useable :) I did not yet connect the computer and sound card to play with fldigi but it seemed like the radio would 'hold still' well enough to do the job.

Using the printed circuit board as the front panel is a nice idea and I liked the way the parts are to be mounted with 'through hole' parts being surface mounted. I have not been a booster of 'simple' radios like the Ozark Patrol but it is not like some of the very poor 'little toy radios' I have used in the distant past. I do like regens. I have that work very well. I might get my *real* fun from the kit by trying to reduce the band coverage to give more comfortable tuning so I can cruise at least the 40 and 80 meter bands. And maybe not. That is the only mod I would even consider. I am not going to convert it to use tubes and after the sight gag photos the glass props (6SN7 and 6C4) will go back in with the spares. The Ozark Patrol will very likely end up with some other ham and at no cost..just what I paid for it :) I sense a freebee at the Cadillac hamfest Michigan QRP Club table next May.


Bill KU8H

On 08/19/2017 06:53 PM, davemrtn wrote:
What capacitors were missing ?
---reference to tubes removed---

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