Last Hunt of the Summer Season 2017

Dale Putnam

The LAST hunt of the 2017 Summer Season, will happen the last day of Aug. (local time).

Are you ready? Will you be hunting in the 20 acre woods with the best Hounds in the Country?

They are good.  Can you put your hands on a pelt from either the WyLee western FOX, WC7S, or the

Sly yet Intrepid, Wi FOX, NK9G? They will be in the 20 acre woods, between 14.050 and 14.070

Aug 31, at 7pm MT or 0100z.

FOX will be calling "FOX u" or "FOX d" working split for beginning, about 1 khz or so, please spread out.

Place your call in a clear spot, (take a shot at the FOX) and grab a pelt, in a hurry, with the exchange being:

RST, State or Prov, name, power (and not more than 5 watts please.)  i.e.

the Western FOX will send:

"call RST WY LEE 5 bk"  Then you send "R rst State name pwr bk"

IF the Prop Princess is smiling on us, it goes very quick.

ONE NOTE: DO NOT let the speed of the FOX intimidate you, if you are happy with cw speed of slower than he is going, call anyway!!

They will slow down for you, no problem. Altho, it will be the same exchange, with only the rst changing maybe from the FOX.

The FOX have keen ears, but only two of them, and they got confused with everyone calling on top of one another.

And a confused FOX ear is simply not pretty.

IF you like the Summer Season, you'll love the Winter Season, in the 40 and 80 acre woods. We'll have to bribe the Game Warden,  to see

when, so keep an eye to the web page around the end of October.. or first of Nov. To not miss the start.

Check out the standings at www.

and make a plan... to be there, to enjoy the fastest 90 minutes in radio, at the LAST hunt of the 2017 Summer Season.

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

"Actions speak louder than words"
1856 - Abraham Lincoln

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